Adaesi Ukairo is an artist/metalsmith predominately working in copper and brass, she uses hammers and stakes to raise up her sculptural forms from flat sheet.

The ability of these metals to be compressed and stretched and their strength to hold form when hammered are properties that enable experiment and exploration, and come together to create her free flowing hammered pieces.

"The making process is a vital part of my work.

The physicality of the hammering, the rhythm, the marking, the sound of metal on metal, the feel and texture of my materials. There is a sense of movement, of energy, a flow that is created once I start making, the metal suggests its own form and I am just part of the revealing.” 

She collaborates with fellow artists, interior designers, and architects taking on commissions to make sculptural pieces, mirrors, doors, wall pieces, lighting, and bar tops.

At present she is working on a collection of sculptural forms.