copper brass pewter - here you will find jewellery and objects made from these metals. I believe they have an inherent warm, rich velvety beauty, which coupled with their malleability make them wonderful materials to work with.


Copper in its raw state is shiny and pink, but deepens to an amalgamation of oranges, browns and reds when torch fired ( ‘swirl’ bowls ), gold coloured brass takes on a rich antique bronze colour when patinated ( ‘rivet’ ) and pewter when hammered and polished is a deep,soft silvery colour ( pewter ‘prush’).   

I trained as a silversmith and jeweller at the Guildhall University of London (The Cass School of Art, Architecture and Design) and started off by making sculptural pieces which led to commission work with architects and interior designers (

The pieces on this site are a step aside from my large scale work, they are a reaction, and occupy a different space. I like to experiment.

Being made by hand, no two pieces are the same, the shape may be similar but the patina and hammer marks will differ on each, making each piece unique.

I find interesting the juxtaposition of shape and contour, the in-between spaces found in land, body and city scape, overlapping, zoomed in, melded and magnified.

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